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MikroTik RouterBOARD CRS310-1G-5S-4S+IN

netFiber 9 ARM v7 CPU, 256 MB of RAM, 4x 10G SFP+ ports Indoor Switch with SFP, SFP+ Gigabit Ethernet

This switch is an indoor variation of the prominent netFiber 9 switch – used by many small and medium ISPs for reliable 10 Gigabit fibre connections stretching over a 100 meters. With five 1G SFP ports, four 10G SFP+ ports, and an additional Gigabit Ethernet port, this is the perfect upgrade for existing CRS212 setups. You’re getting the modern ARM v7 CPU, 256 MB of RAM, and better cooling. The new Marvell switch-chips bring phenomenal performance to the table!

The Gigabit Ethernet port has a direct connection to the switch chip – so you can enjoy full gigabit speed there. And it supports PoE-in, giving you an additional powering option in tricky spots.

You can mount this switch in a standard 1U rack to keep everything organized. And it has all the power you would expect from a rackmount device: CRS310 supports hardware offloaded VLAN- filtering. And even some hardware offloaded Layer-3 routing.

CRS310-1G-5S-4S+IN is a fantastic tool for anyone working with indoor connections over 100 meters while keeping data loss and ping low. Optical fiber can be a great alternative to copper if you are worried about electromagnetic interference, tampering or eavesdropping.


Technical Description

CPU 98DX226S 800 MHz
CPU architecture ARM 32bit
CPU core count 1
Size of RAM 256 MB
RAM type DDR3
Storage 16 MB, Flash
Number of 1G Ethernet ports 1
Number of 1G SFP ports 5
Number of 10G SFP+ ports 4
Switch chip model 98DX226S
Dimensions 200 x 166 x 45 mm
7.87″ x 6.53″ x 1.77″
Operating system RouterOS, License level 5
Operating temparature -40°C to +70°C
Number of DC inputs 2 (PoE-in, DC jack)
PoE-in input Voltage 18-57 V
DC jack input Voltage 18-57 V
Power adapter nominal voltage 24 V
Power adapter nominal current 1.2 A
Max power consumption without attachments 8 W
Max power consumption 20 W

Additional information

Weight .700 kg
Dimensions 24 × 67 × 2.5 cm


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