Video Security Surveillance: Simple and Efficient

Cost time, location—these are all obstacles to overcome when trying to establish network connections to CCTV cameras. Wireless video security technology makes it easy to place a camera exactly where you need it. Our solutions provide 100 Mbps+ connectivity for high-resolution streams to CCTV cameras at a tenth of the cost of fiber. With simple operations, integrated technologies, and single pane-of-glass cloud management, you’ll save time and money with solutions from Cambium Networks. Also, with wireless connectivity, one network can be leveraged to provide video surveillance, Wi-Fi, and support IoT digital initiatives. Our approach to CCTV backhaul is straightforward: make camera connections simple. With multi-gigabit, low-latency, wireless connectivity, you can quickly and efficiently create a security network for:

Schools or University campus locations

Warehouse/retail/workplace parking lot/yards

Public parks, farms, ranches

Utilities/electric co-ops, oil/gas, mining/minerals Freight/rail/distribution yards, ports

Our suite of solutions empowers you to deploy single-camera operations in hours, and major deployments can be completed within weeks—all at a fraction of the cost and time of trenching fiber.