Wi-Fi 7 Outdoor (4X4 Tri Radio Outdoor AP)

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Get ready to experience lightning-fast speeds, high spectral efficiency, and reduced latency with our latest range of Access Points powered by the most advanced generation of Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi 7

With access to two simultaneous 160 MHz Channels in the 5GHz Band, our 4×4 Tri Radio Outdoor Access Points can cater to 1536 simultaneous clients and provide peak data rate up to 10.75 Gbps. It becomes the most preferred option when it comes to serving ultra-low latency & highest-density Outdoor applications.


  • High-Density Outdoor Environments requiring low latency
  • Autonomous & connected cars
  • XR/ MR applications
  • Large Enterprises
  • Shopping Malls
  • Stadiums

Salient Features

  • Concurrent Dual-Band Offering Data Rate up to 10.75 Gbps
  • Various deployment flexibility –
    • 9 dBi integrated Omnidirectional antennas, optimized for maximum coverage and range
    • 8/14 dBi integrated Sector antennas, optimized for maximum coverage and range
    • Option for external antennas using N-connectors
  • Supports 1536 concurrent users
  • Access to 2 simultaneous 160 MHz channels in the 5 GHz Band
  • Enhanced security features such as WPA3 & WPA2 (Personal & Enterprise), Enhanced Open security support
  • Supports 1024 QAM
  • Support for advanced features like non-Wi-Fi interference detection and avoidance, ATPC, coverage hole detection and correction
  • Wi-Fi Alliance certified for Wi-Fi 7, EasyMesh, Passpoint 3.0
  • FCC Class B, CE, RoHS 3.0 certified
  • Tested for Wind Sustainability up to 160 Kmph, IP67 rated
  • BLE Support

Key Specifications

Variant ion12x/ion12x_2/ion12x_w/ion12xe/ion12xe_T
Frequency Bands 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
Peak data rate 10.75 Gbps
MIMO 2 nos of 4×4:4 (on 5 GHz) + 4×4:4 (on 2.4 GHz)
Transmission power Up to 29 dBm
Antenna Integrated/ External Antennae
Type of Antenna Omni directional (ion12x_w), Sector (ion12x, ion12x_2) External (ion12xe, ion12xe_T)
Antenna Gain 8 X 8 dBi (Integrated)- ion12x
8 X 14 dBi (Integrated)- ion12x_2
8 X 9 dBi (Integrated)- ion12x_w
With N connectors (External-on side)- ion12xe
With N connectors (External-on top)- ion12xe_T
Configurable Mode Standalone (via GUI) or through on-premise based solution or cloud based
Security WPA3, WPA2 support & enhanced open support

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