ePMP 4500 5GHz 8×8 Integrated Antenna Access Point Radio, RoW. US power cord

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Features & Compatibility

ePMP[tm] 4500 Series Access Points

* High-performance, scalable and reliable access points for fixed wireless broadband

* ePMP 4500 features MU-MIMO and up to 4 Gbps in performance

* Low TCO with three-year hardware warranty

* Interoperable with all Force 400 and Force 300 Subscriber Modules

Cambium Networks’ ePMP product line has set the standard for high performance, scalability and reliability in harsh interference environments, all at a compelling price. ePMP 4500 access points (AP) interoperate with Force 400 Subscriber modules and support backward compatibility to Force 300 Subscriber modules. A sophisticated scheduling and QoS engine combined with TDD synchronization allows ePMP 4500 APs to deliver consistently high-quality service plans to a large number of end users.

All ePMP 4500 Access point series are managed with cnMaestro[tm], and networks can be planned with LINKPlanner. Both are available from Cambium Networks at no charge.

ePMP 4500

The ePMP 4500 delivers up to 4 Gbps and supports up to 120 subscriber modules. Featuring 8×8 MU-MIMO, the 5 GHz ePMP 4500 can transmit to four Force 400 SM’s at the same time. This effectively quadruples the capacity of 2×2 systems and in the process, increases link budgets by 6 dB with downlink beamforming. The ePMP 4500 has an integrated 90º 8×8 MU-MIMO sector antenna. With TDD synchronization, ePMP 4500 networks can scale to thousands of end users leveraging a small number of channels.

ePMP 4500C

The ePMP 4500C features the same radio as ePMP 4500, but without the integrated antenna, allowing the end user to install their own sectored antennas or horns.

ePMP 4500L

The ePMP 4500L 2×2 MIMO access point is connectorized with two RP-SMA for use with Cambium Networks 90º/120º degree sector antenna. This unit is also compatible with RF Elements Twistport[tm] adaptor for ePMP. Featuring the latest 1024QAM and 80 MHz channel bandwidth technology, this access point delivers performance above 1 Gbps.


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