Ubiquiti UniFi Indoor Cat6 UTP Cable CMR

Part: U-Cable-C6-CMR

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The U-Cable-C6-CMR is a Category 6 UTP cable that supports speeds up to 1Gbps with its 23 AWG solid copper, twisted pair conductor. The conductor’s small diameter, combined with the cable’s anti-crosstalk divider, isolates and protects signals from interference. The U-Cable-C6 is also a CMR cable with a fire-resistant jacket that ensures safe operation across multiple floors and vertical shafts. Category 6 Ethernet connectors are recommended to accommodate the conductor’s size and optimize its performance.


  • Category 6 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable
  • Communications Multipurpose Cable, Riser (CMR)-rated, fire-resistant jacket
  • 1,000 ft (305 m)
  • 23 AWG solid copper, twisted pair conductor
  • Anti-crosstalk divider
  • For 1000BASE-T Ethernet applications

Technical Description

  • Cable Length: 305 m (1000 ft)
  • Cable Color: White
  • Cable: Category 6
  • Shielding Type: UTP
  • Flame Rating: CMR
  • Conductor Wire Gauge: 23 AWG
  • Conductor Type: Bare solid copper
  • Ethernet: Up to 10 Gbps
  • Conductor Diameter: 0.575 mm, nominal
  • FR-PE Insulation Type
  • PVC Jacket Material
  • Anti-Crosstalk Divider: Yes
  • Ripcord: Yes
  • Pulling Tension: Max. 110 N
  • Suitable for In-Wall and Riser Cabling
  • Reference Bandwith: Up to 600 MHz

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